The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! I’ve decided to start this blog as a source of therapy, venting and, well because I want to. I’m currently ending my life as I have known it to be up until now and embarking on a new one. This should be interesting.

I am a photographer, that doesn’t take enough photos of my personal life. I am going to try and change this, I have even decided to go one step further and buy a video camera so I can have home videos to blackmail my children with. I have started (and paused) a self portrait project I will be sharing on here, among many other things. If I can inspire one person going through a major life changing situation to keep pushing, then I’ve done my job.

So, sit back and enjoy, you are about to get a small glimps into the chaotic and magical life a mother of four who owns and runs her own business has.

Life often reminds me of a brain freeze. Where it hurts so bad, but you keep going because it also tastes so good. – Jillian Dankmeyer



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