Self Portrait #3



I never was a big health person growing up. I struggled at times with eating, in my teen years I liked that I felt control of my food and how I ate, and how long I could go on very little food. I was an active person, and my weight was always average. Then i had four children in three years, and my 20s were spent as a frumpy mess! I never thought I would be in the best shape of my life in my 30s, but this has been one of my saving graces. Every morning I wake up, and I take an hour for myself. I am quickly learning that self love is so important. That health and feeling strong is so important. It’s not so much about how I look, but the fact that my body can get me through the day.

If you have stress in your life, I suggest a heavy bag. I use mine often. I can hardly move the next day and it normally ends in tears. It is wonderful. Crank the music up and let go. Some days, this is the only thing I feel like I have control over. The only thing that is keeping me grounded. And I enjoy the messages I receive from the women on my instagram to keep going, that I am inspiring them. There couldn’t be a better feeling then knowing that somehow, some little way, I am helping someone else. Life is hard. We all need to love and support each other a little more. Love is all you need, baby.

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