Self Portrait #5

This is me.

I took this photo on my birthday, and what better way to document it then in my birthday suit. Thirty four years in the making:

  • I snort when I laugh really hard
  • I will break out in dance almost anywhere
  • I can’t sing, but I love to give car concerts
  • I am very stubborn and always willing to argue my point with you
  • Giving to others and making them feel loved/special makes me feel very happy
  • I adore my small tribe and would give the shirt off my back for them
  • My dad calls me a Jack of all Trades because I am always wanting to try and learn new things
  • My mom called me a wild child, hard to tame
  • I hate feet….people touching me with their feet makes me cringe
  • Don’t mess with my kids/nieces/nephew because the momma/auntie bear comes out and it’s not good
  • I have a moms voice that will scare a grown man into doing what I say
  • Chocolate is my favorite and I HATE sharing it with anyone, including my kids
  • I am impulsive, and sometimes regret my words and actions, but it’s too late
  • The ocean calls to me
  • I’m an empath, so feel too much, and am affected by other peoples energies
  • I love comfy clothes, better then anything else
  • I believe animals have souls
  • I care less and less what people think of me
  • I prefer to cut toxic people out of my life then keep them around and be fake
  • I wear my heart on my sleeve, and it often hurts me, but I prefer to see the best in people
  • Unicorn is my spirit animal
  • I usually prefer to stay in and read then go out and be social
  • I can trip over air and fall up the stairs like a pro
  • I am not a very good cook because I don’t like food…..vegetables are disgusting and should be banned
  • I’m finally realizing self love is important

This is me. I won’t apologize for any of it. Instead I’m learning to embrace it.

Happy Life day to me. May 34 teach me even more lessons then 33.

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