Self Portrait # 15


To be Heard.

The ferryman listened very attentively. Listening, he absorbed everything, origin and childhood, all the learning all the seeking, all joy, all woe. One of the ferryman’s greatest virtues was that he knew how to listen like few other people. Without a word, the speaker felt that the ferryman took in his words, silent, open, waiting, missing none, impatient for none, neither praising or blaming, but only listening. Siddhartha felt what happiness it is to unburden himself to such a listener, to sink his own life into his listener’s heart, his own seeking, his own suffering. – Siddhartha 1922

To those that have been my listeners, thank you. I appreciate you. One of the best feelings, is just being heard. I hope I can be this for others. To silently listen. To really listen. This is a gift not many have.


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