Self Portrait # 16



You will be fierce. You will be strong. You will be heard. You will be loved, no matter what path you choose in your life. You will not settle. You will push boundaries. You will follow your heart. You will stand up for your beliefs and speak loudly your opinions. You will be kind. You will be generous, because we were made to love others. You will be compassionate. You will fail. You will fail again. You will fall and struggle and feel broken. But you will get up. You will push back. You will roar.

I promise you this, because not only will I be behind you pushing. Not only will I be there to wrap my arms around you when you don’t think you have anything left in you. Not only will I listen. Not only will I be cheering you on. Not only will I tell you the truth, but I will show you how to be and do these things. I will raise you girls with a voice.

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