Self Portrait # 21

This is everything to me.

You might just see two people with a peel off mask being silly, but it’s so much more to me. My dad and I have not always seen eye to eye. We went almost two years without talking, and I’m still getting used to him being around for me. He tries to take care of me, but I’m so used to doing it myself that I often forget to let him. And let’s be honest, what 34 year old wants to let her dad know where she is and what she’s doing! But this is my dad. He hasn’t always understood my wild soul and the fact that I hardly ever listen to what I’m told, but he loves me. We’ve been through a lot.

If you ever need to cheer me up, then do something ridiculous with me…the more embarrassing the better, especially if we are in public. I love to laugh and have fun. And I love even more when I find people that do it with me and don’t care. I can talk my dad into doing most things. I got my mischevious side from him…last night he bet me $20 to walk across the pool and see if it was frozen enough to hold me. He has yet to pay up.

Find your people. The ones that make you tick and light you up. The ones that care for you and take time out of their life to be there for you. The ones that are happy for all of your success. And when you find them, hold on tight. Because you are lucky to have them, they aren’t a dime a dozen. They are the ones that will get you through the rough times. They are the ones that will help you heal.

We will see how much he loves me when I peel this mask off of him!

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