Self Portrait # 22


“If you love hard, that’s what makes it all worth it. Your heart dances when you open yourself to life” -the better an project

I believe that the worst thing you can do after you have been hurt is shut down and turn off. This was my first reaction, and I have to fight it hard sometimes, but I am learning to find things that I really enjoy, that bring joy and happiness into my life, and to do more of that. I am learning to find the right people and lean on them, as well as help them in their healing process. I believe you heal by helping others heal. But most importantly, I believe the best thing to do when you are hurting, is to open up. When you do this, the right people will find you. But if you keep yourself closed off, you will miss out on all the wonderful and amazing things happening in this moment.

Life is about the journey, not the destination. You will never fully reach your destination. You will always set a new goal, you will always think you will be happier once you move to a bigger house, or get a raise, or have a nice car. You will never find happiness this way.

When you are hurting, you have to forgive, or you become a slave to the past. You will relive something that you have no control over changing. To be free, accept what happens in your life. Accept it, learn from it, then let it go. Move on. It happened for a reason. You are exactly where you are supposed to be. So open your eyes to the gifts around you, the people and experiences that make life worth it. Don’t stay stuck in the prison you have built for yourself. It’s as easy as every morning, waking up, and choosing to be happy. Choosing to live the life you want. Living it like you’ve got everything you want. And it will come, there is no other option. I truly believe this. You are worthy of all the abundances you want. You just have to decide to put the work in. Start doing things that bring you peace and joy, even if it is hanging from a sling upside down in the ceiling. Let go of the anger at yourself for the “mistakes” you have made. Mistakes can turn out to be the most beautiful thing you ever did.

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