Self Portrait #29


My dad wanted a boy. He got three girls. My dad hoped we would bring home a boy that liked to tinker the way he does and hang out in his shop. Unfortunately we didn’t. So, I’m the one he always treated like a boy. I think that’s part of the reason I don’t allow much to limit me. Why I’m constantly wanting to learn how to fix things, how to do things on my own without help, how to be independent. I like to get dressed up pretty, but I  also like to dig in and get dirty.

I needed my brake pads and oil changed, and since all of my money goes towards lawyer bills and feeding four children, I’m broke and don’t want to pay someone to do something that I can do myself. And since my dad is injured right now, he can only boss me around while I do it myself. This was the best way I’ve spent a tuesday night in a long time. I removed the wheels, changed the brake pads, put the wheels back on and torqued them, emptied and filled my oil, replaced the filter and loved every minute of it.

These are the things that make life interesting and fun. These are the things that allow me to smile and feel strong. These are the things that I will fondly remember and hopefully one day my own children will be learning to do this as well. They will get their hands dirty and learn how to take care of themselves. I think everyone, especially girls should know how to change a tire. There are so many things I want to show them.

However, if you hear I was in a car accident because my brakes didn’t work, blame my dad. He obviously wasn’t a very good teacher if this happens.

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