Self Portrait #34


To heal, to let go. To move on, let go. To forgive, let go. To change, let go. To love, let go. To flourish, let go. To accomplish dreams, let go. To be happy, let go. To live well, let go.

I’ve held on, tight knuckled and clenched jawed for so long. To everything. To my failures, to the dreams I once had, to the people that couldn’t love me, to the idea of what I though my life should be. I try to plan everything. I try to set my future, instead of letting go of the past and enjoying the present. That is the only thing we really have. Right now. This very moment. I’ve been doing a lot of body work and healing, and every one of my healers has told me that I hold onto my anger and try to force what I think my life should be. This was brought to my attention again today. And once again, I was told to let go. To hold my own power, and have the courage to let go and know what should happen will, and enjoy the adventure. Let go, and finally feel free. To stop letting my past dictate my future.

Let go and start rewriting my story, with all the uncertainties that await. Embrace the beauty in the unknown. Let go, and let all the good come that is waiting.

When we release our grip, and invite the universe to do her job, she will surprise us in wonderful ways. Bring us beautiful souls that will push us to grow, and adventures that we will tell about when we are old and grey. If only we realize it is best to enjoy right now and stop trying to control everything. To not let our mistakes and past experiences harden us and old us into someone that doesn’t forgive, that doesn’t love, that doesn’t enjoy all there is in this life. Because we only have one. One chance to live fully and without reservation. There is so much at our grasp, if we just let go.

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