Happy 9th

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I am a few days late with this, as your birthday was on the 19th. But as a mom of four, things do not always get done on time.

You are my love child. You have always been the most affectionate and snuggly.  Even now, you will wrestle me onto the bed where you will close your eyes and snuggle yourself into me, resting your cheek against my cheek. This affection is not just for humans, you are a lover of animals as well. Every morning you have a ritual with our dog Rita, where you hug her, put your nose against her nose and then you softly squeeze each one of her paws. This is what you do everytime you see her after any time away from her.

As the fourth, and the baby, you must have a personality to fill the room, and you do. You are the clown in the family, always trying to make others laugh. Sometimes you like to ask me if your funny faces make me laugh, and I have to reassure you that yes, you make me laugh.

You will be a big strong boy, I can see it. Already you overpower your siblings when you wrestle with them. But with that strength comes a big heart. You don’t like when others are hurting, and you always want to do well in school and listen to your teachers. You have certain OCD tendencies that have been tricky at times to navigate, but I will admit as a parent I find small victories when I can learn the things that make you tick and how to help you. Clothes have to fit a certain way and come to just the right length on your arms and torso, jeans are out of the question. Your bed is the first thing that is made in the morning, and at night you try to stay as still as possible so you can slip out under the covers without even making a mess of your bed. You are always worried if your hair looks silly, and you thrive on routine and to do lists.

Four children are hard and tiring, but I could not imagine our family without you. You were the finishing touches. Those big brown eyes and freckles will one day get you into trouble I think, as well as your humor. I look forward to watching you grow and expand and learn.

Never stop making those silly faces. Never stop giving your hugs. Never stop loving others and animals the way you do. You matter, and you have a purpose.

xoxo Mom

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