Only You Can Free Yourself


I was born the baby, third girl to a dad that was hoping for a boy. The way I see it, this played out in my favor. I was cutting grass and driving stick shift by the time I was twelve. He made me wood guns and swords and gave me rope to repel out of trees with. I dreamed of bad guys and warriors and how to save myself from anyone that tried to capture me.

I had a stubborn strength that would both irritate my parents but also make them smile. My mom was sure I would be impossible to tame.

I had forgotten those summers spent escaping my captors…until I realized the only person I need to escape is myself and the thoughts that hold me back. Escaping my old life and the people that treated me the way they did was only the part of the process where I stood up and brushed the dust off. Letting go of the thoughts that hold me back and realizing that I get to choose where my life goes, is where the escape really happens.

Only you can free yourself. It’s your choice, to live in darkness or color.


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