Happy 11th

Somehow it has been eleven years since that terrifying day. I can close my eyes and remember that hospital room, the smells the noises and the fear I felt. I was put on bed rest and told I would be there for the next two weeks, but the pain in my stomach told me you two had other plans. I can remember sitting there alone, wondering if I was ready for this. I didn’t know what to expect.

I had so many doctors come and look at me that day, as you two were a rarity. But half way through the day, the nurse checking me removed her hand from my stomach and said, “are those contractions you are having?” I simply shook my head yes as she ran out of the room.

Four doctors and eight nurses, with more on standby welcomed you into this world. You were tiny, but you came out screaming. My heart almost gave out in the process, as an underlying issue I had ignored half my life decided to make it’s appearance at the worst possible time. You two were shipped away from me, and all I could think was, how do I break out of the CCU to get to you. It only took me 24 hours to convince the cardiologist that I would be singing myself out, and I was finally there beside you.

gracie.eve 124It was a rough month, the first week was infections and not eating properly and difficulty breathing. I worried I might not be bringing you home…

But eleven years later, and you two are beautiful, strong, stubborn girls. Your giggles are contagious, especially when you set each other off and can’t stop. Gracie my mother hen, Eve my firecracker. You picked your outfits and did your hair for this session, and you bossed me around the entire shoot with the type of poses you wanted to do.



One likes to read, the other rides a skateboard.

One loves to cook, the other likes to clean.

One likes dresses, the other ripped jeans.

One  enjoys language, the other math.

One enjoys sports, the other knitting.

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I see so much of me in you, it both scares and excites me. I hope I can be the mom you need to push you to your fullest potential, catch you when you fall and nudge you back up when you forget for a brief moment how spectacular you are.

Happy Birthday my darlings. I hope you feel the love today. I hope you feel special and one of a kind.

Love, Mom



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