Birthday Week


I love birthdays, or as I like to call them, Lifedays. I was born on Valentine’s Day, which everyone always comments on. I find it funny as I hate Valentine’s Day. I think it is the most ridiculous ‘holiday’ there is. You should not need one day a year to remind you to show the person you love, you love them. The pressure that is put on people with this holiday is silly, and it’s just another way for money to be made.  I would much rather have someone in my life that shows me his appreciation in little ways throughout the year, then on one day with over inflated roses and crowded restaurants.

After my mom died, my birthdays felt different. You have a special birthday bond with your mom, as they are the one that brought you into the world and can recall that day better then anyone else. I was also with someone that didn’t put much thought into birthdays, so I usually got the excuse that he didn’t have time to find me a gift, was given something that had absolutely no meaning behind it, was given a card with money in it and told to get myself something I wanted, or was given nothing at all. I got used to it, and it just didn’t really matter anymore. I focused my excitement on my own children’s birthdays.

But now, I am with someone that gives me birthday weeks! It is the most ridiculous and amazing thing ever. He has brought my excitement back about my birthday, and I feel so loved. For the week leading up to my birthday, I get a lovely card each morning to read, with something little that is meaningful. Whether it be my favorite chocolate, music, spa service, homemade coupons 😉 or something I have wanted but not bought myself…it is exciting to wake up each morning to a little surprise. He has learned though that he can’t leave me with all of my gifts, as I will snoop.

He waited until I had to run to my studio and got the girls a whole bunch of decorations for the house. This made their day. They thought it was the greatest thing ever that he did this. They were so happy when I got home and saw streamers everywhere. They couldn’t stop laughing. That was a gift in itself. He then had each day planned out, with a corresponding card to the present.

And the finale!? FRONT ROW TICKETS TO THE LUMINEERS. I am lucky to have found someone that enjoys a lot of the same things I do, and that realizes how important it is to have quality time and memories made together, rather then stuff. I have never laughed so much with someone, or been able to talk to a partner the way we do. To be with someone that is so mature with communication and emotional balance, and who can read me like an open book, is not something I am used to. I don’t know how I got so lucky. He is enough of a gift (although I do love my birthday week).

As I stood there front row listening to a man pour his heart into his songs (Lumineers are amazing live, the energy and emotion you can feel coming off him is crazy), with my partners arms wrapped around me, telling me such lovely things in my ear, I realized how lucky I am to have this added bonus in my life. To have a man that acknowledges my qualities and tells me how lucky he is all of the time to have found me; to have someone that is thoughtful and caring and gives me a birthday week; to have someone constantly pointing out how talented and hardworking I am, that helps me through all of the issues my ex causes for me, that gives me endless neck and hand massages, that is constantly worried about my health, that is patient and caring to my kids, I am blessed.  Not because I need someone to complete me, but because I have realized the importance to picking the right person for yourself. I’m not saying that the person you are with needs to give you a birthday week, but I am saying to make sure the person you are with is filling your cup up. Make sure they show you how special you are, especially on your lifeday. You deserve to be celebrated for all that you are.

Thank you my love, such a wonderful week xox

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