Celebrating You


I can picture the face you will give me, when you realize I have made this post about you, and added these photos of you. I will apologize in advance, but also not be totally sorry because you deserve to be celebrated.

Happy Life Day (yes one day late, but we were busy celebrating yesterday). You are a man that is a rarity, a true blessing. I must have done a whole lot of things right to have someone like you show up in my life.

I told myself that I would not find a man willing to take on four children and a woman healing from years of abuse, and then you came along. You didn’t even blink when I told you all of me, you just smiled. I threw salt all over you the first time we met, and you said you realized then that I was someone special, and maybe a little strange. 🙂

You are the most wonderful, caring, sweet, thoughtful, loving, calm, balanced man I have ever been with. Rita claimed you the first time she met you, and doesn’t leave your side when you are with us. She has to have a paw on you at all times, and sleeps beside you. They say to watch how dogs are around people, that they can sense energies and when they don’t like someone or are nervous or skittish around them, there is usually a good reason.  Every dog I have seen loves you, so I think that saying is true. You treat every animal with love and respect, which shows your character and how kind you are.


You were willing to hold all of my broken pieces. Even when I would throw them at you, or try to gather them and hold them all by myself and push you away, you stood there patiently and waited. You have always cared so much about my children, and how to gracefully integrate into our family so that it was the least upheaval for them. Their well being has always been your priority, and I can see this as you sit for hours helping them with homework and reading and writing and learning vocabulary. As you help Kaleb with his Jiu Jitsu or Elijah with his golf swing, or teach Eve chords on the guitar and look up songs with Gracie for her ipod. I watched the other evening as you sat patiently beside Eve, while she threw meltdown after meltdown with her homework, and you patiently waited for her to calm down before proceeding. My children constantly ask when you are coming, where you are, and what you might be doing. They think it’s funny that they now shake their water bottles the same way you do before opening them. They talk about the funny things you do, and laugh about the accents you talk to them in. They laugh so much when you are around. You have helped me in giving them a joy filled environment, and I couldn’t be more thankful. They adore you, and so do I.

I have never had somebody worry so much about my health and heart.  When I’m sick you come and clean my house, bring me groceries and cook for me. When my heart is bothering me you drop everything to be by my side. You try to force me to eat healthy, and stock my fridge with health food and coconut water.  You are the only person that I will eat vegetables for. Mainly because you will hold them to my mouth and not stop until I eat them. I have never had somebody massage my hands at every opportunity possible, or come home on a friday after being tired from working all week, and set up my massage/reiki table and spend an hour doting on me.

I have never laughed so hard and so long with somebody as I do with you.  I remember how the kids were first confused with this, that we laughed so much together. But when Elijah told me how nice it was to see me happy, my heart wanted to explode. You add so much light to our lives. I didn’t know it was possible to be able to spend hours a day talking to someone and spending quality time. Laughing until my face actually hurts. Your humor has let me find mine again, and you let me do the most ridiculous and embarrassing things to you, and you don’t care. You join in or just laugh. Thank you. I was missing humor so much in my life. You have overfilled my cup.

I don’t know what I did to deserve a man like you. And although you are not about public displays, or wanting to be celebrated, you deserve it. You found me when I was broken, you held my pieces and you patiently waited for me to find how to put them back into place.  You encouraged me to be independent and make my own decisions and to be strong all by myself. You gave me space when I needed to find my own way, and gave me a safe place to always land.  You have been so patient and calm. You are an anomaly. You believe that experiences and quality time is more important then shiny things and big houses or new cars. You believe in a simple life that works for what brings us joy, then something flashy and what others are doing or saying. You have breathed new life into me.

I am so excited to accomplish the goals we have set out. To make the memories with the kids we have planned for. To spend many more years around the sun with you.

Happy Life Day, my love, you deserve the sun and the stars and everything in between.

Love,  your Unicorn. xo

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