Heaven got a good one

Twenty years ago, I met someone that was the sweetest and most loving soul. She opened her heart and arms to me and became grandma. We bonded when I would visit grandpa in the hospital and wash and lotion his feet because they were always itchy. I didn’t realize how a simple act like that had meant so much to her, but she even mentioned it a couple months ago, when I was visiting before covid hit.

This was a women that lived up to her name, Grace. She made sure to tell me that I would always be her granddaughter. That she loved me and I was the mother of her great grandchildren and that meant something to her. She loved me when she didn’t have to. When someone loves like this, unconditionally and whole heartedly, it shows what kind of person they are. She was a great example of a Christian, and will be greatly missed.

She was surrounded by family, so many grandchildren and great grandchildren. She lived a full, long life, and now is at peace.

Grandma, thank you for the love you gave my children and I. Thankyou for the warmth and grace and joy you always shared with us. You were one of a kind. We will miss you. Xo

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