Happy Dad Day!

Shout out to the dad that’s been there for the last 36 years. That treated me like his tomboy and had me learn a stick shift way before I was 16, had me cutting the grass (and running into trees) before I hit double digits, fenced the entire property so I could have horses, and has been there while I start this new chapter of my life. I don’t know of another person that can MacGyver like you do. You always figure out how to fix something, amd have taught me the joys of finding things for a bargain. I love you dad! Xo

Now to the guy that has come into our lives. Thankyou for understanding my decision to not have more children, for the sake of the ones I already have. Thankyou for being so calm and patient and ok to take things slow and not rush. For putting these four first, all of the time. From day one, your concern was taking it slow for them, after all they had been through. And now they get disappointed if you are not around every day, call you to ask you to come, suggest “you should just move in” and are constantly laughing when you are around. Thankyou for helping me show them what a healthy relationship is, and how love and laughter is all that matters. Thankyou for taking the time to learn each one, to figure out best ways to help them, and to still allow me enough alone time with them that they desperately crave. You have made this so easy, and my kids adore you. I know this was not an easy role to take on, but you’ve done it in such a loving and mature way. You are so patient and calm with them, and care so much about their wellbeing it is so wonderful to watch. And the way you make them laugh with your jokes, funny accents and dance moves fills my heart with so much joy. Thankyou for not being scared to take on four children that were hurting, and helping me heal them. Happy Dadalorian day!

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