Happy life day to me.

Today I’m 35. I find this birthday a pretty big one, and I’m not sure why. I’m not afraid of the years that I climb, but I am afraid of not using them properly. .
My life is on a very different path then it was a few years ago. I had that fairy tale dream, but without the happily ever after part.
So now, I get to start my fairy tale story all over again. I know I will travel through the forest and under the bridge and over some rainbows. I know I will meet some princesses and princes, and some wolves and witches. I hope my fairy tale is covered with adventures, mistakes, happiness, and above all, love. Love for myself, love for my children, and love for those I hold most dear to me.
The underlying lesson in my fairy tale: never be afraid to start again. No matter how deep your wounds from your past chapters, you get to choose how to write your future ones. And there is no backspace, there is no delete, there is only one chance at each chapter. Make sure you will be proud to tell it when you reach ‘The End’.
Today I get to celebrate my Life Day, and embrace all that has come my way. I will be gentle to the wounds I carry, and optimistic for what is to come.
I will love big, always. Because how can’t you, when you are a Valentine’s baby?
All my love!

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! I’ve decided to start this blog as a source of therapy, venting and, well because I want to. I’m currently ending my life as I have known it to be up until now and embarking on a new one. This should be interesting.

I am a photographer, that doesn’t take enough photos of my personal life. I am going to try and change this, I have even decided to go one step further and buy a video camera so I can have home videos to blackmail my children with. I have started (and paused) a self portrait project I will be sharing on here, among many other things. If I can inspire one person going through a major life changing situation to keep pushing, then I’ve done my job.

So, sit back and enjoy, you are about to get a small glimps into the chaotic and magical life a mother of four who owns and runs her own business has.

Life often reminds me of a brain freeze. Where it hurts so bad, but you keep going because it also tastes so good. – Jillian Dankmeyer